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I'm the Owner and Lead Designer of P.S. I Cake You. Clients often ask me, "Where did you learn how to do this?" Well, it all started in my senior year of high school. For my final project, I had to find a mentor to guide me in my chosen topic. At the time I would binge watch every cake decorating show out there, so I figured I would give it a shot. I ended up falling in love. As you could have guessed, the rest is history and P.S. I Cake You was born.  

I started this business back in 2011 for two main reasons. The first being, to find an outlet for my passionate creativity. Even at a young age, I would beg my mother to take me to the arts and crafts store every weekend so I could evolve my visions into works of art. The second reason being, my love for the art 0f baking. I have always loved the exact science that is baking, coupled with the endless multitude of flavor profiles that can be created.

As P.S. I Cake You has grown over the years, I have found the most joy in helping a client personalize their vision into a unique creation that truly says it all! 



I'm the business and marketing manager for P.S. I Cake You. When I saw Cathy's work, I just knew she was meant for big things, and any way I could help her with her business, I was eager to join her side!

Besides being a huge fan of her work, I knew something was special about P.S. I Cake You. Cathy's passion and how much detail and thought she puts into every order shows. She remembers all the stories behind each order, which is really remarkable, especially with the amount of orders Cathy has! 

I come with a business background, but have had the passion and desire to help lead a business with my own ideas and knowledge. Working at P.S. I Cake You, allows me to express and be creative, while seeing the amazing creations, that bring such joy to every occasion. I look forward to watching and helping this company grow!

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